From the Chair

//From the Chair

From the Chair

This is very much a different piece than I would have anticipated penning a month ago. As
we reflect on things, based as we currently are within our personal bubbles, positivity is
important, well-being is paramount and things will be different going forward. I extend my
best wishes to you all that you will emerge safely at the end of this COVID-19 experience.
It is too early to ascertain what impact the restrictions on social contact and movement
restrictions will have on the ability of the Trust to operate in the future, both short and long
term. For the next couple of months the management committee is able to deal with any
‘housekeeping’ matters via electronic means. In due course it will begin planning how we
move forward.

Any thoughts have, or contributions you can make, on the Trust can be communicated to
any of the Trustees. Their contact details are available on our website.

I sign off by imploring you to follow all instructions designed to limit the impact of the virus on
our health and those responsible for providing essential services. Our economic well-being is
also dependent on people being fit and well.

Take care and kia kaha.

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