Living Lake Symposium 2009

//Living Lake Symposium 2009
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Living Lake Symposium 2009

Over 100 people from all walks of life attended the Symposium which was held on Wednesday, 4 November 2009, at Lincoln University, Canterbury, NZ.

The Symposium focused on where the research and action points agreed to in 2007 have led, in relation to our understanding of the Lake.  The latest research and information about the lake and its catchments was ably presented in easy to digest formats.  There was time to ask the experts questions, debate issues and discuss options.

Organised and managed by the Waihora Ellesmere Trust, the Symposium was supported by: Department of Conservation, Environment Canterbury, Fish and Game, Lincoln University, NIWA and the Selwyn District Council.

Thanks to all the presenters, poet and field trip guides.   Special thanks to the extended Chamberlain family for hosting the field trip BBQ on the evening of the 3rd.

Following the symposium, Professor Ken Hughey of Lincoln University compiled a summary of the key findings and conclusions.

Attached Files

Introduction from Chair Brett PWET Chair Brett Painter introduces the Symposium
Lake Ellesmere Insights from the ManagementBryan Jenkins outlines the management issues
Birdlife model verification Ken HKen reviews the model as it relates to birds
Farming view John LJohn gives a farmers overview of the model
Fish and- models Don JellymanDon overviews the latest research on fish
Introducing PLOVER 2k John RJohn introduces the model… known as Plover 2k
Salinity distribution patterns Graeme HGraeme discusses salinity patterns in the Lake
Introducing the modelKen Taylor and Ken Hughey introduce the thinking behind the model
Water balance mode Graeme HGraeme reviews the Lakes water balance
Water Quality Shirley HShirley updates water quality issues for the Lake
Macrophytes Don JDon revisits macrophytes
Willows Phillip GPhillip updates the spread of willows
Opening the Lake Ross VRoss discusses Lake openings

Lake is currently:OPEN to the sea Latest lake level reading:0.8m calm average lake level recorded on June 14, 2021 READ MORE >>